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We Create Digital Products Not Just Arts.

We have a group of talented in-house developers that can create everything you can dream of.

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Web Development, Mobile App Development, and custom software development in Namibia

Engine Optimization

At PixelPenguin we know how important it is to have quality website traffic that boosts your search result ranks.

Easy To Edit

With our custom-built CMS we strive to make it as easy as possible for you to edit/add/remove content with ease

Mobile App development

With the increasing demand for mobile apps, it’s always a good idea to get a native mobile app developed for your business for increasing productivity.

Quality Design

A website should always follow a simple, yet elegant design that attracts users to the website, but also makes it extremely user-friendly.

Fully Responsive Design

It’s always important to make sure your website is fully responsive and displayed beautifully on every screen including mobile phones.

Corporate Branding

With a team of excellent graphic designers, we will be able to create a brand for your business that will speak to the clients.

Corporate Photography

Need some photos, videos or virtual tours? With our professional in-house photographer, we will be able to provide you with top quality media.

24/7 Online Support

We know how important it is to have your website up and running, and if your website is down, we will work hard to make sure it’s back online as soon as possible.

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We specialize in developing custom made solutions.

We create the software you need

If you have a specific product in mind that is unique and not available in the open market, our team specializes in creating the app that suits your specific needs. Unlike some development firms, we build our software from scratch and don’t rely on pre-developed open-source code in order to create custom make solutions. If you can think it, we can develop it.

Our Services

What We Do With Our Own Hand.

Software development

We can custom create the software of your dream. We use the newest technologies to create the best looking and agile applications.

We specialize in

  • Desktop software
  • Website development
  • Online applications
  • Mobile apps
  • And more

Software UX/UI design and Improvements

With our team of UX/UI designers, we can improve or create a beautiful, elegant, user-friendly design.

We can do improvements to your

  • Touchscreen software
  • Website
  • Mobile app
  • And more

Digital Products Consulting

Do you need advice or some insight into a digital product you want to develop? With our years of experience and development expertise, we can set up an appointment to discuss your ideas and propose how to proceed.

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We Give You Both Graphic & Technical Quality Style.





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